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Welcome to our HPP Germany Factory Online Shop.

Here we offer you our "high performance parts" on. Anything which makes your monster truck, buggy and truggy faster, stronger and more beautiful - developed for the ultimate driving experience - ready to race. The range of "high performance parts" is continually evolving. We welcome suggestions and requests for new products.

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Replacement kit - wheel hub for HPP-Germany 17mm wheel hubs

Replacement kit - wheel hub for...

15,95 EUR
17mm wheel hub with "secure lock" wheel nut and center nut

17mm wheel hub with "secure...

44,95 EUR
17mm wheel nut with "SECURE LOCK" profile

17mm wheel nut with "SECURE...

19,95 EUR
Replacement kit - center nut for HPP-Germany 17mm Wheel Hubs

Replacement kit - center nut for...

12,95 EUR

Replacement kit - steel pins and...

3,59 EUR

Replacement kit - o-rings for...

1,49 EUR

Motor Brace V3 for the E-REVO...

34,95 EUR
Upgrade Motor Brace Kit E-REVO BRUSHLESS EDITION from V2 to V3

Upgrade Motor Brace Kit E-REVO...

15,95 EUR
Rear Axle Pushrod Brace for the E-REVO BRUSHLESS EDITION

Rear Axle Pushrod Brace for the...

34,95 EUR